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Company Pro-Service Ltd was established in 1991.
From the very beginning we specialized in gas detection. First as an installation company and since the year 2000 as a manufacturer of gas detectors and other devices used in fixed systems of gas detection.
Currently we concentrate our activity on development, manufacture and marketing of new, innovative systems of gas detection. We offer a complete range of products for detection of toxic and flammable gases, which are used in different industrial applications and also in underground car parks and confined garages.
Pro-Service main product brands are: EXpert, uniTOX, EurOx, PAG-IGA, modularPAG, DUOmaster, Tmaster and DINster.
Our original design of a two-module, multi-gas detector used in underground car parks is protected as the Registered Community Design (RCD 002830497).
In 2004 the company implemented a quality management system ISO 9001: ATEXQ.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Our products designed for explosive zones (series EXpert IV and uniTOX IV) have certificates Ex-ATEX.

ATEX Certificate

During our 25 years of activity our products have won many awards and distinctions at domestic and international trade fairs.
We are also listed in the rankings of innovative companies.
Pro-Service is at the forefront of gas detection business in Poland.
We distinguish ourselves from the competition through:
•pro-market attitude towards customers, partners and designers;
•the unique product group – multi-gas detection systems;
•modular, scalable control panel modularPAG-32-500, one of the few control devices that allows to create multiple (500 and more) systems of point detection;
•effective mobile service offered by our company and our authorized partners.

In 2016 we established a partnership with a Dutch company HC Groep and started to sell our products on the Dutch and Belgian markets. Today HC Groep is our Exclusive Representative for The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Pro-Service mission, from the very beginning, has been protection of the living and working environment.